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Power Rangers live on! (one of them does, at least)

I was just watching the Patriots-Chargers game and a Bank of America commercial came on. Innocent and boring, as bank commercials usually are, except I actually saw someone familiar in the commercial. I couldn’t place him at first, but then … Continue reading

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Words that need to die.

There always seems to be a wave or words that come along once in a while that when I hear them they make the bottom lid of my right eye twitch. Some are new, others are old, but have started to … Continue reading

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I have a problem.

I’m sure that if anyone I know is reading this they are nodding their head. Sadly for all of them, it is they who are crazy, not me! Anyway, the real problem is this; I’ll be reading something, anything, and … Continue reading

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Music to my ears

The video is a little grainy because it was taken with our regular old digital camera. It’s ok though, the point of the video is my son very energetically saying, “da da da” and bouncing around in his excersaucer. Fun to … Continue reading

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