Sibling Rivalry in Da House!

Dear Prince,

I know a lot has changed this year since your little brother came into this world. You are still our big baby, but a few things to note…

1. ‘Lap Dogs’ are not 65 pounds- when will you learn this? Just because there may be a space big enough for a Chihuahua , it doesn’t mean you should try to squeeze in. Please note what I will refer to as exhibit ‘A’ below:

Exhibit A

2. Not every blanket on the floor is for you. There is no need for you to rush over and sprawl your entire body over the blanket the second we lay it on the floor. These are for your brother to play on…not you!

3. This next one may come as a shocker for you, brace yourself. The extra visitors coming to the house the past 9 months, they are not here to watch you gather every toy possible and stock pile them in the living room. They have not come to watch you put on a show; they have come to see your new brother.

4. Will Jr is not a food source for you. I know, he has fun snacks. Stop circling his exersaucer, this is not a game of musical chairs…no need to slow down every time you walk by. Just because snacks get thrown off the saucer, it doesn’t mean it’s intended for you.

I think that is it for now Prince. Will Jr will be getting his revenge soon enough, he is already an arming crawling machine aiming for you!

Try taking a picture with a crazy boxer and an active (then) 7 month old....this is the best it gets after 235435 takes 🙂

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