Wally the Watchgator

His name is Wally. Wally the Watchgator!

I saw the headline and it immediately made me chuckle.

A 29-year-old California man named, John Nathan Donna, had his property in Hemet, Ca. raided by the Dept of Justice and local authorities. They found what they were looking for (his marijuana growing operation) and something they weren’t in a 4-foot-long, 55 pound alligator.

Thank the good Lord I wasn’t in Cali looking to rob any three first names named drug dealers.

(Side note: This guys name is John Nathan Donna. I always love a person with three first names, especially when the person is a guy and one of the names is female.)



About Will King

I've spent my whole life in Upstate New York and I wouldn't want to spend my life anywhere else. My son is perfect, even when he's not and my wife makes me want to slam my head against a brick wall all while keeping me sane. If you can figure all that out, let me in on it.
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