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Have you ever had to much to drink and couldn’t…perform? or have you ever just wanted a raging hard on for 3-4 hours while drinking, you know, just for the hell of it? Well the beer makers BrewDog have created … Continue reading

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I LOVE Yardwork…..NOT!

This past weekend I found out I have muscles in my forearms. How, you ask? Will and I tackled yet another project. We decided to rip out our overgrown weed infested “flower bed” and completely make it over. If that … Continue reading

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He may not look like me…

…but he sure does act like me. My son would be the “he” I am referring to. I’ll be blatantly honest here. It’s really hard to tell whom a fresh baby is going to look like. I thought, “Is he going … Continue reading

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Mister Gaga

Came across this article where the Gaga claims to have never had plastic surgery, but it had to because it’s a man! It’s true form.

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Favorite things my son does.

My son is now officially 1-year-old now (as of March 18). There are so many things that he does that bring joy to my heart. I will dispense this list now… He grabs an article of his clothing from off … Continue reading

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Wallpaper needs to die!!

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m addicted to house shows. I should probably get a job at HGTV. Ever since we moved into our house almost three years ago, I’m constantly planning projects to spruce it up a bit. Will … Continue reading

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Houses break, did you know?

This past weekend (March 26 to be exact) my wife noticed a couple of puddles on the floor in the basement. No big deal really, I mean it was just two small puddles with no other traces of water. Okay, … Continue reading

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“Bodies upon the gears”

This is one of my favorite speeches or quotes or whatever you would like to call it. All I know is that if I had someone speak to me with such passion and in such a way as Mario Savio … Continue reading

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