Wallpaper needs to die!!

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m addicted to house shows. I should probably get a job at HGTV. Ever since we moved into our house almost three years ago, I’m constantly planning projects to spruce it up a bit. Will knows he’s usually in for it when I start a sentence with “I was just thinking….” haha. This last endeavor takes the cake… we attacked our wallpaper covered entry way. Anyone that has taken down wallpaper is probably laughing at us right now. It’s definitely not fun. We broke it down into a couple weekends- one to take the paper down, and one to paint. Lets see some BEFORE pictures (and in progress):







and after a bunch of scoring, spraying and scraping….AFTER:








There are still a bunch of projects I want to work on, but obviously everything costs money. Little by little, we will work on it! Here is a recap of what we have done so far… to recap (we did paint the living room/dining room, but still don’t have pictures:-P):

Will Jr’s room before and after:

Kitchen before and after:





Mudroom before and after:






Upstairs bathroom mini-makeover on the vanity. (Just did this this past weekend as a temporary fix until we can re-do the bathroom. Used the leftover paint the previous owners left- same as the walls. We just had to pay for the new knobs- $10. Good enough for now! At least no more sponge paint art on there haha.)






And of course how can I have a blog without putting a picture of my little one up?!!! Here ya go 🙂

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4 Responses to Wallpaper needs to die!!

  1. Debbie Boettner says:

    You do very nice work!! The entry way looks great and I love how you did your kitchen. Everything is much brighter. Great job on all of your projects.

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  3. Debbie says:

    Kim…are you and Will hiring out?? Beautiful job! Love the kitchen…and the wallpaper removal after shots are beautiful!! Let me know when you’re in the mood to take on someone elses mess..LOL

  4. Joey says:

    I agree, wallpaper of the stripy kind is horrible. As is that of the foamy kind. I scraped that vinyl crap off the walls in one room of my house, primed it, and painted it three times. The pattern of the vinyl can still be seen. Apparently, the glue leeched into the wall plaster and caused the primer and paint to dry up differently. I’m not going to scrape off all the plaster.
    When it is time to freshen up the walls again I might either use “ingrain wallpaper” (had to look up the name, it is basically coarse paper) that when painted in whatever color you like stays fine for decades and hides imperfections. Alternatively, make plain simple paper pulp and splatter it on the wall with a big brush, prime, then paint. That way even the most boring, boxy, sheet rocked room looks interesting and homey. Not every wall paper is bad.
    Ah yes, sheet rock is another thing that has to die! Why on earth does nobody around here built real houses with real brick walls that don’t collapse when you want to put a picture or a clock on the wall. Nothing nicer than bare brick or brick with a (rough) plaster or cement coat – aka a real wall. Then again, the typical house around here can be remodeled with merchandise from the office supply store.

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