Favorite things my son does.

My son is now officially 1-year-old now (as of March 18). There are so many things that he does that bring joy to my heart.

I will dispense this list now…

  • He grabs an article of his clothing from off of the dining room table and begins to run around the living room and dining room in his walker, screaming as if he just won the gold medal in the “stealing your own clothes and running around like a madman” category.
  • When I’m holding him and he is getting sleepy he decides it would be fun to gently tough my nose with his pointer finger…and then surprise me by jamming it up my nose. Yes he has drawn blood.
  • When I’m holding him and he is getting sleepy he decides it would be fun to grab a hold of my ear and, literally, try to rip it off my dome.
  • Sometimes when we come home I just want to hold him because I haven’t seen him all day, I miss him and just don’t want to put him down. That is, until he thinks what a joy it would be to lurch his head forward and slam his extra-large sized cranium into my face. Yes he has drawn blood.
  • He crawls around on the floor and that’s fine. It’s fun to watch him do his military crawl and scoot around. Except sometimes he spits out his binky and comes across something scrumptious like a string from the carpet, a piece of dirt from someones shoe, a loose tag from a new shirt, etc. and decides it would be fantastic to eat it. Then when I get up to go run get it away from him, he tries to use his super speed and put whatever it is into his mouth faster. Then has the nerve to cry when I stick my finger into his mouth to get it out!
  • Yelling. Just yelling for no reason. Not angry or happy, just walking around in his walker yelling.
  • Putting a bunch of his puffs (up & up little puffs from Target, they are like baby crack) in his walker cubby only for him to pick up full handfuls of them holding his hand out over the floor and just dropping them all over the floor. Don’t worry Prince (our dog) seconds as a vacuum cleaner.
  • To be continued…

    About Will King

    I've spent my whole life in Upstate New York and I wouldn't want to spend my life anywhere else. My son is perfect, even when he's not and my wife makes me want to slam my head against a brick wall all while keeping me sane. If you can figure all that out, let me in on it.
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