I LOVE Yardwork…..NOT!

This past weekend I found out I have muscles in my forearms. How, you ask?

Will and I tackled yet another project. We decided to rip out our overgrown weed infested “flower bed” and completely make it over. If that sounded like a lot of work, just multiply it by 293484098. To top it off, it was cold and windy- boy, do I know how to pick ’em!

Now that everything is said and done, we are very happy!!! Well worth the work.

Here are a few BEFORE pictures (note, these are taken after winter. unfortunately we do not have any pics of the ‘bed’ in its fully grown glory):

a real beauty, right?

and after a lot of sweat and f-bombs:

Try to picture it growing in nice and full over the next few years!

Ohhh la la!

It’s about 95% done. Just need to polish off a few things. So what else is on the agenda for this summer (project wise)…

-Work on growing some grass

-Staining the deck

-Painting the porch

…..to be continued 🙂

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