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There was no Rapture!!…or was there…

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Lightning Crashes

I have flown a grand total of four times in my life. If this had happened while I was on the plane I might never have flown again. It was bad enough when we flew through a thunderstorm, thankfully this … Continue reading

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What Happened to my Baby??!

It’s crazy how much things change in a year. My little one is no longer a baby! He has grown into quite the little man 🙂 May 2010 Fast Forward to May 2011: He is definitely not lacking in the … Continue reading

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Kitty Rage A regular old housecat sent a Cleveland man to the hospital. That isn’t really the shocking part. What’s shocking is that his injuries were so severe that the man had to be airlifted (airlifted!) to the hospital. At some point the man … Continue reading

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It was a good day Eric

One of my cousin Eric’s favorite places was Galway Lake. Not many people know of it or about it, but we have gone there our whole lives. We’ve had vacations there. We’ve fished there many times. We’ve had great times. … Continue reading

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Elevator Etiquette

I am on an elevator multiple times a day, Monday-Friday, for about ten years now. I have a little experience in how to carry yourself on an elevator, or how to piss of people you don’t like. Both the good and the … Continue reading

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