No response. Probably deserved.

Had a short email conversation with my wife while at work. Went something like this…

Email 1
To: Kim
From: Me

Just thought of something.

I know I already asked about my shirt for the wedding and I shall wear the red one that you suggested, but what about my pants?

I don’t even know where they are or if they’re clean! Or my belt either!! I mean they were on my pants, but I don’t know if my pants got cleaned or what.


Email 2 (her response)
To: Me
From: Kim

Already done. Hanging in the closet with belt and tie 😉 Damn I’m good!

Email 3
To: Kim
From: Me

Yes you are!!

We complement each other well! I get you to remember to charge your phone or even have your phone on you at all and you have my clothes ready for a wedding when I panic and have no idea where they even are.

They could have been taken in the middle of the night by a rarely seen leprechaun with a red hat (he’s a non-conformist leprechaun) and traded in for some Afghan hash (not a lot of seeds either, it’s the good shit), but they weren’t. They are hanging nicely in the closet because you are awesome.

And she never responded to the last email, not quite sure why though.

It’s times like that right there that I wonder why she married me.

Jury’s still out on that one.

About Will King

I've spent my whole life in Upstate New York and I wouldn't want to spend my life anywhere else. My son is perfect, even when he's not and my wife makes me want to slam my head against a brick wall all while keeping me sane. If you can figure all that out, let me in on it.
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