Wait, really?

Mark Curran and his mother, Tasha Lynch.

Mark Curran, a 7-year-old first grader at Tynan Elementary in South Boston was being bullied in school.

Recently the bully tried to forcibly take Mark’s gloves and began to choke him to the point where he felt he couldn’t breathe. To defend himself Mark kicked the bully in the balls.

I call that quick thinking and a job well done.

The Boston Public School board says that what Mark did was sexual harassment. According to Mark’s mother, Tasha Lynch, the school called her and told her what her son did was inappropriate touching.

Now, this is where I thought, “This has to be a fucking joke, right?!”


Ms. Lynch says the school told her she has to attend a disciplinary hearing at the school this upcoming Monday.

I realize violence is wrong, but in this day and age when everyone is fretting over children being bullied like it has never happened in world history before and it’s new to our world you’d think a kid standing up for himself and defending himself wouldn’t have to worry about being treated like the bully like the little asshole he currently is.

So he kicked the little bastard that was choking him out in the balls, so what? He was defending himself against an aggressor and they are calling it sexual harassment? Fuck is this shit? I mean I could understand if he were to be scolded in the, “hitting isn’t good” kind of way since he’s only 7-years-old, but to define what he did as “inappropriate touching” and “sexual harassment” is asinine.

Mark Curran is seven…SEVEN! He has no concept whatsoever of what sexual harassment even is. I, personally, have never heard of a kick to the balls as sexual harassment either. News to me I guess.

How can the school possibly defend this? This is so far from sexual harassment that it’s ridiculous. If this happened to my son I would probably spontaneously combust from anger.

Video from WBZ-TV in Boston.


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