Occupy SpongeBob

You don't want to mess with this face...or else 😛

Will Jr got a new Sponge Bob chair that he absolutely loves.

This morning, as I am rushing to get out of the house on time, I told will the usual “Time to go bye bye!”

He then proceeded to carry his Sponge Bob chair (which is about the same size as him) over to the door to take with us.

After telling him that ‘Bob’ (as Will likes to call him) cannot come to Denny’s, Will proceeded to put the chair down mid-foyer and plop right down in protest, refusing to leave unless ‘Bob’ can come too.

It was a stand-off: Bob-1, Mom-0

Enter Occupy SpongeBob.

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One Response to Occupy SpongeBob

  1. Will King says:

    That’s my boy. Militant from birth! hahaha

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