Jesus at work

This is an email that I received from a co-worker. It is but a small sampling of what I deal with on a daily basis.

Apparently my office is rapidly evolving into a cauldron of crazy people. Also, I told my co-workers sitting near me that this person might be a Mogwai and to not feed it after midnight and to keep it away from water.

Merry Christmas to my dear friends.  I love you all and pray that the magic of Christmas fills your hearts this year.  Remember this year that the wonders of Christmas cannot be surpressed by the size/type of your tree, which church you go to when you celebrate, whether or not a court upheld the name of a street because it offended some, or even if the people who are supposed to represent us choose to dedicate these symbols to themselves
instead of our Lord and Savior.

The blessings of Christmas are found in the miracle of the child that our Father in Heaven sent upon us, to teach us, guide us, love us, and most of all, to die for us, so that our own sins may be forgiven.  Who amongst the nations would do that for us this day?  Is there any of us worthy of that kind of love? Was there ever?

I had been thinking last night and something hit me, as if I should have seen this all along.  I believe that we were all sent here with the intent of having an addiction.  However, because we do not have God at the very center of our lives, we mistook that craving/addiction as something we were supposed to like and revolve around our wants; we misplaced our addiction that was meant to mature and be offered up to our Lord in thanksgiving for our good fortunes.

I also believe that we were meant to whine… but once again, we misdirected our pleas to people of this earth, thinking that someone, a husband, wife, child, brother sister, neighbor, etc. could give to us what we felt we so desired and should have.  If only we had Jesus at the center of our lives, we could see that whining is our supplication to our Lord. HE wants us to whine to him, to call out to him and praise him.  Not the people of this world.  This is why they always let us down. They cannot possible fullfil our needs.  Nor were they meant to…

Merry Christmas, friends.  May you know the peace of Jesus Christ this year.  If you are not feeling it, I pray that you will find in Christ, the biggest addiction you have ever faced, and that you whine your heart out to Him, for He WILL hear.  He WILL respond.  I give you my word.  Jesus lives!

About Will King

I've spent my whole life in Upstate New York and I wouldn't want to spend my life anywhere else. My son is perfect, even when he's not and my wife makes me want to slam my head against a brick wall all while keeping me sane. If you can figure all that out, let me in on it.
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