My dirty little secret…shhhhhh

Will and I have been keeping a secret for a while now. Anyone that knows us well and has been to our house probably knows what we’re talking about. What am I referring to friends?….our bathroom!

We realized that our roof had started leaking above our bathroom about 2 years ago ago. This slow drip started to cause bubbling in our bathroom. We have a really good way of ignoring things like this. Seriously, ignoring things could be our job, we are THAT good at it!

Fun tip for you folks: Ignoring a water leakage = NOT a good idea. The proof is below. Enter GROSS bathroom:


Pretty great, right? I’m sure you’re just lining up to use our bathroom, huh? I’m not even sure beer goggles could over look this!

Water damage behind toilet

Water filled wall

After watching the bathroom get worse over the past two years, we finally decided to do something about it! After ripping out the drywall and the million layers of linoleum/plywood floor, this is what we were left with… I was definitly scared at this point:

Grandpa's little helper!

And now the finished product:


no more rotting floor! yayyy

Definitely an upgrade! Now on to the next project… hmmmmm 🙂

To be continued….

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4 Responses to My dirty little secret…shhhhhh

  1. Michael says:

    I cant WAIT to poop in there!

  2. sarah says:

    Looks great! We just re-did our bathroom on a budget, too! Doesn’t it feel great to have and clean and crisp bathroom?!

  3. Christine says:

    hehehehe I wonder if there’s a job out there for us people who like to ignore things!

    My bathroom is a mess too!!!

    Yours looks awesome now though!! Great job!!

    Check out my blog too:

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