Happy 2012! aka Happy Future Apocalypse!

So the world is ending right? Guess I better make the best of this last year of life.

The King Family had fun over New Years…well actually I think Will Jr had the most fun of all. My little almost 2 one year old easily stayed up past midnight for the ball drop. In fact, we are pretty sure he could have pulled an all nighter if needed. He was up celebrating with my family running around and dancing up a storm. The kid LOVES music! Will Jr was even caught breaking out in a split while listening to Lady Gaga…yikes!

I never make New Years resolutions…but this year I actually did! Whats my goal for 2012 (aside from not dying when the apocalypse hits)…SAVE MONEY! I am so good at spending money. My husband does a pretty good job too. So this year, I am going to actively focus on saving. First order of business is brining my lunches to work MINIMUM 4 days a week, and also only buying what we need at the store. I have a way of going to the store for one thing, and walking out $50 poorer. I cannot be the only one that does this right?

We’ll have to wait and see how this works out…wish me luck! Make it a good 2012 🙂

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