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April Every Year

April 26, 2011. It’s a tough date for me. Not just me, everyone that loved him. ‘Him’ is my cousin Eric. He might as well have been my brother. As far as I’m concerned he was my brother. What a … Continue reading

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Reconfirming what I already knew

I knew that my son was, is, and always will be the love of my life. I knew that, I really did. It just became over the top when my wife left for the weekend on a romp to Seaside … Continue reading

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Family Walk

It was sporadically rainy yesterday after work, but my wife and I wanted to take our son for a walk. The kid loves being outside. So much so that if he is outside and playing and you say the words … Continue reading

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Thoughts That Never Leave

(First let me say, I apologize for this post being a little all over the place. This topic makes me a little emotional and so I get a little scattered.) There are so many things that happen in a person’s … Continue reading

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Inhuman beer drinking!

It’s times like these when I am proud to call him my brother. Who wouldn’t be?! Kelly King Jr vs. Michael Buffalino…commence!

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Happy 2012! aka Happy Future Apocalypse!

So the world is ending right? Guess I better make the best of this last year of life. The King Family had fun over New Years…well actually I think Will Jr had the most fun of all. My little almost … Continue reading

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My son loves a good balloon, apparently.

Went out to dinner with my wife, son, and my mpther and father-in-law. Will Jr saw another kid with a balloon and began to freak out. Needless to say we got him a ballon and this is what happened…

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Occupy SpongeBob

Will Jr got a new Sponge Bob chair that he absolutely loves. This morning, as I am rushing to get out of the house on time, I told will the usual “Time to go bye bye!” He then proceeded to … Continue reading

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My son: Buckethead

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Angry Child Syndrome

It’s true that my son does not look like me. It’s unfortunate (no offense to my wife, she is obviously a beautiful woman, but what man doesn’t want his son to look like him? Just sayin’..), but it’s just the … Continue reading

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