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Jesus at work

This is an email that I received from a co-worker. It is but a small sampling of what I deal with on a daily basis. Apparently my office is rapidly evolving into a cauldron of crazy people. Also, I told … Continue reading

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No response. Probably deserved.

Had a short email conversation with my wife while at work. Went something like this… Email 1 To: Kim From: Me Just thought of something. I know I already asked about my shirt for the wedding and I shall wear the red … Continue reading

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Sheen Halloween Costume

I’m just as Sheen’d out as everyone else, but I got this in an email from my friend Nicole and thought it was pretty funny.      

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I know that there have been plenty of people that have received this same type of email before. The type where they tell you that you have won butt loads of money and all you have to do is tell them … Continue reading

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If Facebook existed years ago…

I recieved a forward in my email and usually forwards are pretty stupid and pointless. These pictures though actually made me laugh.  

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