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Ever feel like this?

How I feel after having the last 5 days off and having to come back to work…

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Newt hungry!

I knew he was looking a little extra tubby lately. Good ole Newt Gingrich, always eating things.

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Donkey Punch

This really happened…

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On the down-low…

…who’d of thunk it?

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Special Brew…

…the official drink of the 2011 London Riots!

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Bootleg Fireworks…yo….

This video doesn’t need much commentary. I’ll just leave you with a direct quote from the clip. “Jesus Christ, Lord have mercy…get the watta nigga, it’s goin’ down! Ahhh the motha fuckin’ bootleg fireworks shit!” And without further adieu…

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No response. Probably deserved.

Had a short email conversation with my wife while at work. Went something like this… Email 1 To: Kim From: Me Just thought of something. I know I already asked about my shirt for the wedding and I shall wear the red … Continue reading

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