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Ever feel like this?

How I feel after having the last 5 days off and having to come back to work…

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The Trip from Hell, Part I (flight madness)

Months and months ago I planned a long weekend trip for myself and my wife (Kim). We didn’t really have much money to spend the previous year for her 25th birthday and I felt bad about it. I looked long … Continue reading

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Angry Child Syndrome

It’s true that my son does not look like me. It’s unfortunate (no offense to my wife, she is obviously a beautiful woman, but what man doesn’t want his son to look like him? Just sayin’..), but it’s just the … Continue reading

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No response. Probably deserved.

Had a short email conversation with my wife while at work. Went something like this… Email 1 To: Kim From: Me Just thought of something. I know I already asked about my shirt for the wedding and I shall wear the red … Continue reading

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The Will Jr. Sleep Cycle & other abuse.

It’s friggin literal parent abuse. His weapons of choice are his hands (particularly his fingers and the nails from said fingers), his feet, his teeth (all four of them), and his walker. Ohhhh that walker. Will Jr loves to run in … Continue reading

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Best window prop ever.

  I took this today and loved how it turned out. I’m no photographer, but it does look pretty good if I do say so myself. Turns out Jack Daniel’s has more than one purpose.

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There was no Rapture!!…or was there…

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