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Where are my…

…keys? …shoes? …anything that is mine?! I hear this line on a near daily basis from my wife. I don’t know, it’s not mine!! My favorite is when she can’t find her keys. Hilarity usually ensues when she loses them, which … Continue reading

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My Wife and Her Projects and My Memory

I have no forethought. Well, I have little forethought. Before I met my wife I had no forethought. My idea of looking to the future was, “I wonder what’s happening this weekend…” Now I can formulate plans and thoughts about such … Continue reading

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$h*! My Wife Watches, Part 1

Jerseylicious. The only time I have ever heard of this show is on The Soup.  I wish this is where my viewing of this show ended. Alas, it didn’t. My wife and I watched a movie, movie ends and this … Continue reading

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Men’s room vs. Women’s room…at work

Recently, my wife and I, had a discussion in the car about what happens or doesn’t happen in the privacy (or lack thereof) of a men’s bathroom and a woman’s bathroom. We have had this discussion more than once actually. … Continue reading

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