Family Walk

It was sporadically rainy yesterday after work, but my wife and I wanted to take our son for a walk. The kid loves being outside.

So much so that if he is outside and playing and you say the words “go” and “inside” consecutively he is libel to turn into the demented kid from Pet Sematary (thank God we don’t have a scalpel). Ah, stories for another day…

So as soon as we arrived home from work we wrangled up the dumb dog, threw his leash on and out we went.

As we walked out the front door one of the cats ran out, which isn’t normally a problem because we let our cats outside all the time, but it was Psycho (yes, the cats name is Psycho). This cat is quirky and crazy, and always has been hence her appropriate name.

Since she was little and I first started to let her outside to roam, and make my neighbors (in three separate neighborhoods now) hate me, and I happen to head outside to take a walk, well, she follows me. I’ve tried to chase her off by running at her, yelling at her, and throwing rocks at her (not to hit her, but in her general direction to scare her off). I’ve done all these things in broad daylight. People have seen me do all this and I am sure they didn’t see the cat and if they ever see me again I’m just going to be that crazy guy that used to yell and throw rocks at the road.

She’s followed me a half mile from an apartment where I lived to a local Stewarts Shop, multiple bus stops and into the car. There have been times when I was going to end up on a busy street and with her following. For fear of her getting hit by a car I was begrudgingly forced to return home, BECAUSE MY CAT WAS FOLLOWING ME.


Anyway, with the rain hanging around we kept the walk to a short, 10-15 minute jobber around the block. This is a walk I could make in no-time, but 2-year-olds have a way of taking their time. Little legs may contribute to the problem.

As we started up the side street I turn back to wave at Will Jr and see how he’s making out (he was holding my wife’s hand) and what do I see? The damn cat.

Short story long, she literally followed us the entire walk. She walked, ran, and pranced right along side of us for the majority of the stroll.

She had a fine time running onto everyone of the neighbors porches, under their cars, and actually flirted with entering a house with an open front door.

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Thoughts That Never Leave

(First let me say, I apologize for this post being a little all over the place. This topic makes me a little emotional and so I get a little scattered.)

There are so many things that happen in a person’s life. Some people have more bad than good, some more good than bad, some just have balance. No matter what though, everyone has moments in their life that stick with you. Again some good, some bad.

Some even elicit multiple emotional reactions. I want to talk about one of those moments in my life.

My cousin Eric died in an accident in April last year. Even typing that right now brings forth such strong emotions I don’t think I could begin to explain them. Almost all of the time when his name is brought up or something reminds me of him (a song, a funny part in a movie, or just the sense than I miss him) I almost immediately feel my chest tighten slightly, I pause for a second to compose myself because if I don’t that feeling in my chest rises to my throat and becomes a pit, a terrible awful pit, and from there it slides right in behind my eyes and that’s when my eyes begin to glaze over.

I openly admit I am an emotional person. Sometimes I just need a good cry. If he read that sentence just now he would proceed to tell me to “stop being a woman.” I’d then glare at him and he would let loose his cackle of a laugh. Continue reading

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Newt hungry!

I knew he was looking a little extra tubby lately.

Good ole Newt Gingrich, always eating things.

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Donkey Punch

This really happened…

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Inhuman beer drinking!

It’s times like these when I am proud to call him my brother.

Who wouldn’t be?!

Kelly King Jr vs. Michael Buffalino…commence!

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Happy 2012! aka Happy Future Apocalypse!

So the world is ending right? Guess I better make the best of this last year of life.

The King Family had fun over New Years…well actually I think Will Jr had the most fun of all. My little almost 2 one year old easily stayed up past midnight for the ball drop. In fact, we are pretty sure he could have pulled an all nighter if needed. He was up celebrating with my family running around and dancing up a storm. The kid LOVES music! Will Jr was even caught breaking out in a split while listening to Lady Gaga…yikes!

I never make New Years resolutions…but this year I actually did! Whats my goal for 2012 (aside from not dying when the apocalypse hits)…SAVE MONEY! I am so good at spending money. My husband does a pretty good job too. So this year, I am going to actively focus on saving. First order of business is brining my lunches to work MINIMUM 4 days a week, and also only buying what we need at the store. I have a way of going to the store for one thing, and walking out $50 poorer. I cannot be the only one that does this right?

We’ll have to wait and see how this works out…wish me luck! Make it a good 2012 🙂

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My dirty little secret…shhhhhh

Will and I have been keeping a secret for a while now. Anyone that knows us well and has been to our house probably knows what we’re talking about. What am I referring to friends?….our bathroom!

We realized that our roof had started leaking above our bathroom about 2 years ago ago. This slow drip started to cause bubbling in our bathroom. We have a really good way of ignoring things like this. Seriously, ignoring things could be our job, we are THAT good at it!

Fun tip for you folks: Ignoring a water leakage = NOT a good idea. The proof is below. Enter GROSS bathroom:


Continue reading

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