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The Will Jr. Sleep Cycle & other abuse.

It’s friggin literal parent abuse. His weapons of choice are his hands (particularly his fingers and the nails from said fingers), his feet, his teeth (all four of them), and his walker. Ohhhh that walker. Will Jr loves to run in … Continue reading

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Have you ever had to much to drink and couldn’t…perform? or have you ever just wanted a raging hard on for 3-4 hours while drinking, you know, just for the hell of it? Well the beer makers BrewDog have created … Continue reading

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Mister Gaga

Came across this article where the Gaga claims to have never had plastic surgery, but it had to because it’s a man! It’s true form.

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Stay classy Swan Lake

Keith Gruber is his name, drinking is his game. Gruber, 49, of Swan Lake, was scheduled for a 10:30am pretrial hearing for felony DWI. He was a little late, which I’m sure happens from time to time. Except not only was he late by … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving with the Kings 2K10 – Part Deux

The Cookie Monster crisis was running through my head because at the time I didn’t know my brother was mistaken. After cheesy eggs and bacon and bemoaning the fact that Cookie Monster got the shaft in the parade, my brother had … Continue reading

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We Love Blowing Raspberries

My son is learning and learning quick so you would think my wife and I would take more care in what sort of things we teach/show him. I will take full blame for this one though. It’s nice to say … Continue reading

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