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Jersey Shore cast members nearly killed in Patterson, NJ

A women driving on Wayne Ave in Patterson, NJ nearly destroyed any further hopes of anymore-future seasons of the great MTV show Jersey Shore. The woman nearly hit the five cast members as they drunkenly meandered across the road. She had said … Continue reading

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I could never imagine…

Surfing this never ending thing they call the Internets I came across a truly heartwrenching story. Nathan and Elisa Bond lived a basically normal life in Bay Ridge with their 18-month-old daughter Sadie. Two first time parents going through the motions of all … Continue reading

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I Don’t Care…(Royal Wedding Edition)

Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton are engaged to be married on April 29, 2011. And to that I say…who.fucking.cares? This illusion that people (generally women) have of royalty, particularly this British royalty, is strange. I suppose it’s no … Continue reading

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Where are my…

…keys? …shoes? …anything that is mine?! I hear this line on a near daily basis from my wife. I don’t know, it’s not mine!! My favorite is when she can’t find her keys. Hilarity usually ensues when she loses them, which … Continue reading

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Remembered Joy

***I most certainly did not write this. It’s far beyond anything I could possibly come up with!*** This is however a great old Irish funeral poem that I mentioned on The Schenectady Blog on It’s one of the best … Continue reading

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Stay classy Swan Lake

Keith Gruber is his name, drinking is his game. Gruber, 49, of Swan Lake, was scheduled for a 10:30am pretrial hearing for felony DWI. He was a little late, which I’m sure happens from time to time. Except not only was he late by … Continue reading

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Don’t F*&# with my Taco Bell!

  According to police a San Antonio man fired upon workers at a Taco Bell when he was told his 99-cent burritos had gone up to $1.49. The man (name not released by police), heard his order price and became so enraged that he … Continue reading

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